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Confidence Beyond the Skin – Holiday Makeovers

This is a special holiday edition of my newsletter/blog! As you know, my goal is to write an article around the first of every month highlighting a new topic. I made an exception for this edition and I am writing 2 articles this month! This time of year, I am frequently asked about the benefits of minor cosmetic procedures because people want to look their best for their upcoming holiday parties. Whether you have a small office party, a large family reunion, or a fundraising galla to attend, everyone wants to look their best for the season!

Some cosmetic procedures require a series of treatments, or a significant amount of recovery time. Since we are only a few weeks away from the holidays, I will highlight a few procedures that have very little recovery.

Wrinkles and lines on the upper face and forehead area can be treated easily with either Botox or Dysport injections. These agents work by relaxing the muscles under the skin that pull to create lines. It is not particularly painful to receive these types of injections because they are administered with a tiny needle. They can cause temporary bruising. It takes about one week before you will look rested and refreshed, so if you want to minimize frown lines for the holidays, act soon!

Laugh and smile lines that shadow around the mouth can be treated very easily using Hyaluronic acid injectable agents like Juvederm and Restylane. These do not require skin testing ahead of time and show immediate results! Be careful! These injectable agents can cause bruising; so , just in case give yourself a week before the big party just in case!

To help avoid the bruising after an injectable procedures, check with your medical provider to make sure it is safe to minimize your intake of anti-inflammatory medications (i.e. Motrin, Aspirin, etc), fish oil, Vitamin E, and wine.  These types of medications will thin your blood slightly and increase the risk of bruising.

Microdermabrasion is a gentle procedure that  exfoliates the skin and minimizes the  appearance of fine lines and pores. This painless procedure will help the skin look and feel great without any down time or risk of bruising!

For that extra pampering, you can make a spa appointment to help you feel truly relaxed and refreshed! Some facials will hydrate your skin and make it appear smoother and more supple. Make sure you go to a reputable aesthetician especially if you have acne prone skin. Facials can flare up acne when they are too aggressive. If you are in L.A., Lauri at Solas in Santa Monica is great!

For a quick, at-home fix, try one of the new exfoliation brush systems such as Clarisonic or Olay. After you  exfoliate the dead skin, you can apply a little sunless tanner or bronzer. This will help minimize that pasty pallor some of us get this time of year.. A few drops of sunless tanner will go a long way to give you that “I just returned from Hawaii and am totally relaxed look”. Don’t forget to shape the arch of your eyebrows and put light shadow just under the brow. This will reflect light and draw attention to your eyes!

If you live in LA or have watched any reality TV lately, you have seen some scary outcomes from cosmetic procedures. We have all seen the frozen faced newscaster or the soap opera star showing off her new duck lips! This is surely not the look you want. It is important to start slow and ease into any procedure to ensure you get the result you are looking for.. You want to ensure that you will look naturally refreshed and not artificial!

I have been asked if I receive any financial incentive to mention products in my newsletter/blog and the answer is no. I only comment on products that I have used myself or that I recommend to patients because they have unique benefits.  However, I am a clinical trainer for both Medicis (Dysport/Restylane) and Allergan (Botox/Juvederm).

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I am off to Maine this week to visit my family for Thanksgiving. I wish everyone a happy, healthy Turkey Day!

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