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Confidence Beyond the Skin-Where Did You Find Your Inspiration this Week?

Every morning when I start my day, I wonder; what interesting people will I be fortunate enough to encounter today?If I have a busy day and a professional event after hours, I can sometimes interact with over 50 people in one day.  I never thought of myself as a people person, but each day I wake up excited to have the opportunity to learn from those around me. Over the years living in LA, I have become spoiled because  most of the people I come into contact with have similar hobbies and interests to my own. Just through my daily interactions with people around me, I have been lucky enough to receive on-the-spot golf lessons, travel tips, dog training and vet advice, restaurant reviews,  religious support, networking leads for my husband’s Hollywood career, wine collecting advice, boating stories, fitness updates, contractor leads, and of course beauty product introductions.

This week I met a 98 year old woman who is a true inspiration. Despite a little arthritis, she continues to go to her workplace 2 days a week as a bookkeeper. I asked what the secret to longevity is, and she said, “be passionate about what you do and how you live your life. Don’t ever stop doing it and……eat a lot of chocolate”. I guess I am in a good position because I pretty much have her advice covered, although I am not sure I want to keep working until I am 98!

The same day, I saw my new friends Kaitlyn and Ethan. They are 8 and 4 years old respectively. Kaitlyn is currently writing a book about manners for both adults and children because she feels that good manners are missing from today’s society. As I was having an adult conversation with their mom, Ethan quietly said, “excuse me mom, could I ask Ms. Kasey a question?” I was so impressed to hear such manners from a 4 year old and at the same time thought to myself, how many times a day am I in a hurry and interrupt someone or speak out of turn? Then I turned towards Kaitlyn and I saw her sitting with perfect posture, patiently waiting for her mom and I to finish our conversation. As I looked at her, I felt myself stand a little taller, hold in my belly and roll back my shoulders. I wanted to appear as confident at 35 years old as Kaitlyn appeared at 8 years old. It is so easy to become lazy and forget good manners and posture. Here is a picture of me this week with Kaitlyn and Ethan:

You may recognize Kaitlyn from her debut on America’s Got Talent a few years ago. She is now a successful Hollywood actress. Keep your eyes open for Ethan too! He just landed his first role in a big movie as the son of a very famous actor.  Way to go guys!

 I have learned that inspiration can come from anywhere; whether it’s the young, the old, the Starbucks cashier early in the morning, my front desk staff as I enter the office, a special patient mid day, my Zumba Instructor on the way home, friends, colleagues or family far away, you never know who will say or do something that will impact you and the choices you make. I can only hope that one day I can give back and inspire others who have inspired me. For now, I will continue to enjoy my personal encounters everyday and of course, eat a lot of chocolate!

I am off to the Annual American Academy of Dermatology Conference in San Diego. It is a massive meeting with over 10,000 dermatologists in attendance. Stay tuned for the next blog article on April 1 when I will give you the highlights!

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