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Confidence Beyond the Skin-What Products are the Best as Your Skin Matures?

Did you ever look at yourself in the mirror and see your mother? I frequently hear people say that their facial lines or texture of their hands reminds them of their mother. As people age they can see their skin reflect the genetic traits of generations past.

In honor of Mother’s day, I wanted to highlight some of the favorite products from three generations of women in my family. Here is a photo of my grandmother, my mother and me from last summer.

In my mid thirties, I am active and spend a lot of time outdoors when I am not working. I like a light sunscreen like Neutrogena liquid or Anthelios. For beauty, my favorites are Latisse Lash Extender and Neutrogena lip gloss with spf 15.

My mother wears contacts lenses and has very sensitive eyes. Many over the counter and department store facial lotions and cream products cause her eyes to burn and water. About a year ago, she discovered Revision moisturizer, which is a  moisturizer with spf 50. My mother is still acne prone, and Revision’s moisterizer is great for shine and does not cause breakouts. This product is only sold in professional physician offices. She has found that Clinque makeup works best for her sensitive skin and eyes.

At 87 years old, my grandmother always looks fabulous. From her hair to her skin, she looks like she is ready for the red carpet every day of the week! For over 20 years, she has maintained perfect shape to her hair using Adorn hair spray. It never fails her even in rain and wind! Relocating for years between the beach in Maine in the summer, and Florida in the winter, she has had a lot of sun exposure over her lifetime. Her skin has thinned and she bruises very easily, especially on her legs. She has discovered Dermablend body make up, the same product professional Hollywood makeup artists use to cover up unwanted marks. It works very well, but it is a heavy cover up, so use it with caution on your face if you are acne prone.

Monitor your skin needs regularly, or occasionally have a reliable skin care professional or aesthetician evaluate your skin. It might be time for you to modify your products!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

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