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Confidence Beyond the Skin-What is a Health, Beauty or Lifestyle Blog?

For those of you who don’t know, you are reading a blog right now. I sometimes refer to my blog as an “online newsletter” because not everyone is familiar with the term “blog”. Blogs can be a great source of information and what is even more special about a blog is that anyone can write one! They are relatively easy to set up on websites like “WordPress” and they provide a fun way to share your knowledge with the world!

I want to share some of my favorite beauty and lifestyle blogs with you. Maybe it will  inspire you to write your own blog one day!

BEAUTY BLOGGERS-This is a rapidly growing concept and many people are becoming amateur beauty bloggers. Sometimes these are people who have a lot of experience in the beauty industry, and sometimes these bloggers are stay at home moms who like to review products while their kids are at school. Either way, these blogs can be a great source for some secret beauty tips. I’ve had the privilege of meeting 2 of the top beauty bloggers in the country and I have the utmost respect for both of them!

Grace Gold from NY has been reviewing beauty products for years, and her opinion is so trusted that she has even been on the Today Show to discuss her thoughts on products and beauty devices.  She has also been invited by some major pharmaceutical companies to share her beauty blogging insight with them. Check out her blog!

Jennifer Mathews is a local from LA and is one of the experts in cruelty free beauty products. Many people don’t realize how much animal testing is involved with bringing a new beauty product to the market.  If you follow Jennifer’s advice,  you will find a plethora of awesome products that are 100% cruelty free! Check out her blog called My Beauty Bunny!

LIFESTYLE BLOGGERS-These are fun people to follow. These bloggers share life experiences and will often make you laugh or take you on a mental vacation away from your daily stress.

Fountain of Good  is written by a wonderful, hip local woman. It is a newer lifestyle blog for women over 50. Shari has a great sense of humor and discusses everything from excercise, diet,  and sex after 50!  She is sure to make you blush and put a smile on your face!

Carriage before Marriage is a cleverly written blog for people who have babies before they get married. It is very cute and attracted so much attention that this local blogger was invited to be on the new daytime Ricky Lake show this week.  A fun read for anyone with a little one!

The Firestone Sisters write about their travels and post amazing photos! If you want to take a mental vacation from your busy schedule, check out their site!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading some of these blogs that are written by wonderful women and available to the entire world. There is a blog written on just about every topic. Are you inspired to write about your passion or hobby? Do you have something you think the world is interested in reading about? Who knows…maybe I will stumble across your blog in a few months!

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What are your favorite topics to read about?