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Confidence Beyond the Skin-Want Your Hair to be Smooth and Shiny?

I have had long, curly, frizzy hair my whole life. I know what many of you are thinking…”Kasey doesn’t have curly frizzy hair?” It is true that I spend a lot of time (and sometimes money) with treatments and products to make my hair straight and smooth.  I am fortunate to have had some help from my good friend and Hollywood hair stylist Ana Maria. Here I am with Ana Maria getting my hair cut and learning some great new tips to help manage my troublesome hair!

Ponytails and tight pulled back styles: I’ve learned over the years that one of my favorite time-saving hair styles, the pony tail, can cause my hair to break. This creates those annoying flyaway hairs that drive me crazy. Recently I have been trying to wear my hair down, and I have adjusted my “up-do” style to incorporate more hair clips or maybe a loose pony tail. I see less breakage already!

Brazilian and Keratin Straightening treatments: These are becoming very popular. Last year, I fell victim to the temptation of the Keratin Straightening treatment. This treatment coats the hair with protein and “relaxes” it while still allowing your hair to have some body. My hair looked great after this treatment. Be careful if you are considering this treatment because sometimes in can contain ingredients that can dry and damage your hair. Ask your hair care specialist about it and if they have had positive or negative experiences with this treatment. Make sure to go to a reputable salon and discuss this with a hair stylist who has a lot of experience with this treatment. 

 Blow dryers and irons: All  of these cause stress and damage to your hair yet we all still use them almost every day. If you can reduce the amount you shampoo to every other day or just a couple of times a week, the natural oils on your hair will build up and your hair may start to look better.  Some people will experience an itchy scalp if they do not shampoo everyday, so you will have to listen to your body. I like to use Kerastase treatment before blow drying to help protect my hair from the excessive  heat of the dryer.

 Conditioning treatments with natural oils-I am learning more about this all the time. Natural oils will penetrate the hair better than waxy conditioners which will just coat your hair. Ana Maria recommends a once a week treatment with a natural oil to deeply condition your hair.  She recommends mixing a little sweet almond oil with a drop of lavender oil and apply to dry hair for 20 min and then shampoo it out.  Ana Maria has been making her own hair oils for herself and her clients for years and highly recommends this for dry and damaged hair. You can experiment with your own combination of oils at home!

Hair is an important extension of our style and personality.  I will continue my quest for the best straightening and frizz fighting agents!

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