Confidence Beyond The Skin-How To Keep Your Nails Long and Healthy

Would you like your nails to be stronger and more healthy? Many people are concerned with the appearance of their hands and nails. Today, the nail cosmetic industry is a booming industry in the US. Before going for your weekly mani-pedi, there are some important factors to consider with regard to nail health:

1. Nails are not tools-Do not use your nails to open cans, scrape off glue or as a convenient screw driver. Not only will they chip and break, you can damage the nail plate and make your nails permanently disfigured.

2. Remember that chemical and excess water are not good for nails. Exposure to water and chemicals can cause nails to weaken and break. Wear gloves when your hands are going to be in water or when you are using cleaning chemicals.

3. Do not over trim cuticles. The cuticle is there to protect your nail and prevent infection. If you (or an overly aggressive technician) trim too much cuticle, you will open up that area to growth from organisms like fungus and bacteria.

4. If you visit a regular nail salon like I do, make sure they are licensed. Try to purchase your own manicure equipment. This will help ensure that you are not exposed to bacteria and fungus from the previous client. Sometimes your technician can store your equipment for you so that you won’t forget it at your next visit.

5. Nail Polish is actually protective for your nail and can help prevent your nail from cracking. I love OPI polish. They have such fun colors!  Be careful of nail hardeners because sometimes they contain formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals and can actually cause damage to your nails and skin. Nail hardeners can even cause rashes on your eyes, neck and face!

6. If your nails continue to chip and peel, you should see a dermatologist who can recommend a prescription cream or gel that can help condition your nails. I have seen great improvements in the condition of damaged nails after using prescription products that contain urea.

7. If your nail is discolored or thickened, you should see a dermatologist right away because this could be a sign of a fungus or maybe even a skin cancer.

I see my nail technician every 2-3 weeks and I try to take as many precautions as possible to protect myself when I am at the salon.  I have to admit that I am a sucker for that glorious 15 minute foot massage that comes with my pedicure treatment!

Author: Kasey

Kasey Drapeau D'Amato is an Aesthetic Dermatology PA based in Los Angeles and Chicago and treats many high profile patients. Kasey is also Co-Founder of Airelle Skin, along with her husband, the first natural and medical grade skin care and she is president of Certified PA Consulting. Kasey's passion is inspiring others; patients, clients, colleagues, friends, family, and anyone that she encounters. Because after all life is too short to not live everyday happy and fulfilled! Inspire. Laugh. Love...Live!

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