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Confidence Beyond The Skin-Would a Laser Treatment Help My Skin?

Confidence Beyond the Skin-How do I know if laser will help my skin?

The laser world can be so confusing and overwhelming. I am asked all the time about lasers and what they can do to help improve the appearance of the skin. There are so many lasers on the market and they are so different. Some are mild and have little down time while others are very aggressive and require a few days to recover.

I will try to sort through some of the confusion:

Laser Hair Removal-This has come a long way! It still works best on dark hair. It will not work on grey or light blond hair. Typically this requires a series of 5 treatments at one month intervals. The discomfort is minimal and almost any body area can be treated. Ask for a quote because it can get costly if you treat a large area like legs or back.





Photofacial or IPL– This is a very popular light source technology. It  will help with red blood vessels and brown sun spots, along with shrinking pores and improving overall texture of the skin. It can be used on the face, neck, chest and hands.  It also requires a series of 3-5 treatments and there is very little downtime so this 20 minute procedure can be squeezed in during a lunch break or before work!





Fractional non-ablative lasers aka “Fraxel”-Recently this laser got FDA approval to treat acne scars and surgical scars along with stretch marks! This is fantastic news, because before this technology there was not a good option to treat these concerns. It will require 4-5 treatments at one month intervals and will leave the skin a little red and sun burned looking after each treatment. You can apply makeup 24 hours after the treatment to help camouflage the sunburn look.











Fractional Ablative-This laser is the powerhouse for skin tightening. It is a one hour, single treatment that will soften wrinkles and fine lines. It does leave your skin red and swollen  for 5-7 days so be prepared to have a moderate recovery after your treatment. You can’t wear makeup while the skin is healing so your social calendar needs to be clear for a few days. This has become very popular as an alternative to surgical facelifts!





There are many different brand names of the laser machines, especially in the Los Angeles and Santa Monica area,  but the above list covers some of the most popular types of laser technologies that are on the market today. I am so excited to announce that we recently purchased a new laser with all the latest upgrades and I am very impressed with our results after our first week of use.

On a side note, if you are tempted by discounted laser specials, please be careful. Lasers are heat sources and they can burn someone if they are  being used by someone who does not have adequate experience. Do your homework when researching a facility where you are thinking of getting laser treatments.

Lasers are not for everyone, but in some cases they can be a great option to improve the skin and help you look and feel better!

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