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Confidence Beyond the Skin-How to Live a Happy and Fullfilled Life..

Who isn’t on a quest for a happy and more fullfilled life? I recently took a moment to think about the small things in life that can make a big impact on my view of the world.  I looked to some of my friends who are eternally happy and studied their behavior.

Here are some tips from a trusted friend who is very special to me:

1. Show some love to everyone that you encounter

2. Excercise Daily

3.Go for long walks..preferably on the beach

4. Take an arctic dip at least once a year

5. Make a snow angel every winter

6. Stop to smell a flower at least once a week

7. Ride in a vehicle where the wind blows your hair

8. Play rough but act nice

9. Be a loyal friend

10. Eat a cookie once in a while


These are tips from my dear and loyal dog Xena. She spent 12 good years with my husband and I, and she knew more than anyone how to live “the good life”.  She is no longer with us, but we will take the pearls we learned from her over the years and cherish them forever.  I will make her top 10 list my goal for this year. I hope her tips bring some light to your day too!

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