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Confidence Beyond the Skin-Is Summer Time Fruit Causing Your Weird Rash?

heatWow! Summer is definitely here and it is HOT all over the country. When the temperature gets this high, we all look for relief at the beach or in the pool. Summer BBQs and picnics usually incorporate a lot of fresh fruit and refreshing beverages. I love cut up melon and sparking water with a slice of lime on a hot afternoon.

Believe it or not, some of the most popular fruits can cause some really strange rashes on the skin.

mangoAn itchy red rash around the mouth can be the result of eating mango fruit out the skin. Many people are highly allergic to the skin of a mango. If they come in contact with it, the result can look similar to poison oak exposure. This does not mean that you will be allergic to the fruit on the inside. Play it safe and chop up your mango and add it to a nice fruit salad. Remember to wash your hands well after touching the skin to avoid this very uncomfortable rash.

If you are like me and you like a twist of lime in your sparkling water or you enjoy an occasional margarita, make sure you wash all of the lime juice from your hands and even the little “splatters” that land on your forearms. Limes are “photosensitizers” and the reaction of lime juice on your skin will make you very sensitive to the sun. The result will be brown “splatter spots” the day after the sun exposure in all the places that your skin was exposed to lime juice. The brown “splatter spots” can linger for a few weeks!

Each summer, I see a handful of patients with both of these common rashes. Enjoy your fruit during the heat, but be careful of the summer time fruit rashes!

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