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Confidence Beyond The Skin-Help! I Think My Hair is Thinning!

hair-loss[1]Whether you are male or female, the topic of thinning hair can be a sensitive one and can cause a lot of anxiety. Not a week goes by in my office when I am not asked about this sensitive topic. Hair is a very personal topic because it is really an expression of somone’s personality. In my experience, both genders correlate their hair directly to their confidence and a sense of sexuality. I admit that I feel a little spring in my step when I leave the salon with a fresh new “look”.

Many people don’t realize that thinning hair is a common genetic trait for BOTH men and women. Male pattern hair loss can be treated with both over the counter medications like Minoxidil and prescription products like Propecia. Women are a bit more limited, but Minoxidil is safe for women too.

As hormones shift and we age, women can see thinning in the front part of their scalp. This is a very common genetic hair loss pattern for women. Hair also grows in cylces and it is normal to notice a lot of “shedding” for a few weeks mixed with periods of less hair loss. These cycles are usually a few months apart.

There are some treatable conditions that can cause hair loss. Some skin infections like fungus can cause some patchy hair loss. It is also possible that some internal health diseases like thyroid disease and some auto immune disorders can cause hair loss.

If you notice a sudden change in your hair growth pattern, check with your health care provider to make sure that you do not have something internal causing the problem. If you have a gradual hair loss, and a strong family tendency to thin in the same pattern, then this maybe something that you have to accept and you can thank your parents for passing this gene your way…:)

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