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Confidence Beyond The Skin-Can Gluten Make My Skin Itchy?

itch1Many people are realizing that their bodies function better with little or no gluten in their diet, but most people don’t realize that gluten in their diet can actually cause a very itchy skin condition called Dermatitis Herpetiformis. Despite it’s name, this condition has nothing to do with the Herpes virus, it is an inflammatory condition of the skin. This condition, called DH for short, is not dangerous but it can be very uncomfortable. It is important to be aware of the condition and ask your health care professional about it if you have itching that is not responding to traditional therapy. DH can be tricky, even for the most experienced dermatology professionals, to diagnose because clinically it can look very similar to common conditions like eczema.
The good news is that DH is easy to treat and generally will completely resolve with some simple diet modifications. There are a few prescription medications that can also help, but often times a gluten free diet alone will do the trick!

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