Announcing a New Chapter! What’s Your Next Chapter?


Life has many chapters. Some chapters are more impactful than others. But all of the chapters have a purpose, all chapters come to an end eventually, and all chapters help to shape what kind of person we all become. Some people choose to float through life in the book that was dealt to them and others choose to write the next chapter in the book of life for themselves.
Sometimes when you are in the middle of the chapter you forget that there will eventually be an end to every chapter. Sometimes the adventure along the way is so enriching that you become 100% engrossed and just enjoy the ride. But all chapters must come to an end eventually. Sometimes they end abruptly and sometimes they seem to go on and on forever. Are you floating through your book of life waiting to see what happens next? Or are you preparing to write the next chapter for yourself?
I ask these questions because of recent life transition that I had to face head on. I had to choose. Was I going to wait for the next chapter to unfold in front of my eyes? Or was I going to take the risk of writing my own next chapter on a blank page? Tough decision. Scary decision.
I don’t know about you, but my recent chapter was Amazing. Enriching. Fulfilling. Satisfying.
But I could see that it was time for my recent chapter to come to an end. Should I wait and see what hand I was dealt and watch on the sidelines for what happens next? Or should I start making notes to write my own next chapter?
I chose to write. I chose to trust. I chose to control my destiny, scary as that may be. And the result…an exciting opportunity to work alongside a trusted colleague and advance my aesthetic skill set while forging full force ahead on my other business ventures and time remaining to enjoy life with my husband, family, and friends. Am I dreaming? Did the perfect chapter unfold before my eyes? I am not dreaming! An opportunity to learn and grow! An opportunity to support and giveback! An opportunity to inspire and empower! An opportunity that allows me to thrive in all of my passions! And an opportunity that allows me to share all of it with my husband, family, friends, and colleagues!
My 8 week patient care sabbatical will officially come to an end on October 23 when I will join forces with world renowned double board certified facial plastic surgeons, Dr Kian Karimi and Dr Chester Griffiths, at Rejuva Medical Aesthetics in Los Angeles, CA. I will take my aesthetic dermatology skills to the next level. I will use my new found energy from my 8 week sabbatical and share it with everyone I encounter! I will express daily gratitude to everyone who supported me through this process and offer solidarity and my commitment to give back and support them in all that they do! I will live life to the fullest every day in my new chapter!
Are you writing your next chapter? No? Remember that all chapters come to an end eventually so you have to decide for yourself if you want to “wait and see” or “start to write”. I am here to remind you that your destiny is in your own hands.
If you want to see what happens in my next chapter as it unfolds as I share tips and pearls on the most cutting edge aesthetic procedures as well as share experiences as a startup entrepreneur, feel free to follow along with me on FB or Instagram! And if you want to come see the state of the art facility at Rejuva and have a consult with me to learn about how I can help restore a more rested and youthful version of you call the friendly and energetic staff at Rejuva and mention that you read my recent newsletter! Phone # 424-644-2400



Mother Nature Brings Strength…

How To find strength from the world in a time of natures fury?Alouette roof

The world can be unsettling.
Mother Nature can unleash an unfathomable amount of fury at a moment’s notice.
Recently, everyone in the western hemisphere has been touched by Mother Nature’s fury. Irma. Jose. Maria. Terrible destruction from winds. Terrible destruction from floods. Terrible destruction from fire. Terrible destruction from earthquakes. In some cases the destruction is completely apocalyptic. For those who lived through it, life as they know it will never be the same. For those who love the ones who lived through it, the heartbreak and pain is almost as intense as we stay glued to the TV, internet, and social media desperately waiting for a glimpse of our loved ones to know they are okay. As the hours pass, sleepiness nights ensue, and images of an unimaginable future plays out in our minds. It is anxiety provoking. It is terrifying. It is a montage of unacceptable thoughts.
And then…we hear from loved ones. They are okay! But they have lost everything. No house. No workplace. No belongings. No water. No food. No shelter. No basic hygiene products. No hope.
Some give up hope completely. Some live in extreme fear. Some cannot bear the thought of waking up the next day. But some rise above. Some find strength in loved ones near and far. Some are comfortable asking for help. Some know that there are people out there who care. They lean on the big world out there and rely on the love and energy pouring in to them from friends and family. They lean on the ones who remember the way life used to be. They lean on solidarity. They lean on unity. They know that with united strength there is power. Power to survive. Power to wake up and face tomorrow. Power to create a future that is brighter than the past. Power to grow, thrive, and look toward a fruitful and bright future without looking back.
Houston, California, Mexico, Montana, Florida, Puerto Rico, USVIs, BVIs and my home away from home of St Barths and other beautiful Caribbean islands have all experienced the horrific wrath of Mother Nature in recent weeks. Life as they know it will never be the same. The thought of tomorrow is so challenging for many local people that it is almost too difficult to bear. But, what our friends in those areas must hear is that we are watching. We are listening. We are here and ready to help in any way that we can. They are not alone. The world is watching and the world cares.
No matter where you are in the world, we all wake up tomorrow. We all take our next breath. We are grateful for what we have and who we share our life with. No matter where you are in the world, near or far, we are united. We all need to commit to making tomorrow a better day than today for everyone, especially those recently affected by natural disaster. There is strength in numbers and the future is bright for those who stand in solidarity.
My dear friends on St Barths remind me every day that the simple gesture of writing a note telling them that I am thinking of them lets them know that they are not forgotten and gives them strength to face the next day. Our energy from 3000 miles away helps give them strength to face complete destruction and focus on the only option in front of them- a rebuild of their amazing, beautiful, and magical island to an even more beautiful and magical state than ever before.
Whether you know someone personally affected or not, please support relief efforts in the local areas that have been affected by recent natural disasters. Here are some links to efforts that I know are legitimate relief efforts being used in unique ways:

From my friends who are from St Thomas to support USVI and BVI:
Project Shine nonprofit organization supporting St Thomas recovery-Email Kayla Bruzzese at for info. Organized by my friend who lives on St Thomas (items requested by local people that are being shipped from the production studios at 20th Century Fox and shipped directly into St Thomas to those people-organized by a friend of mine)

From my friend from St Martin who’s family lost everything:

From people we know organizing private relief efforts to St Barths:

For the Pets:

General Disaster Relief:


Please comment if you know of any other private or non profit organization relief efforts.
From the hearts of my friends and their families who live in affected areas, thank you for reading this blog post and taking a few moments to think of them.

Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more updates and opportunities to help those areas in need.
(the photos on this page are of the house that my husband and I spend 3.5 weeks a year for the past 8 years-Villa Alouette, our home away from home in St Barths…)


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Cheers from Life on Sabbatical!

Cheers from Life on Sabbatical!

Here I am. Second official week of my sabbatical writing a blog intended to supply information to people/patients about skin care and life pearls only to explain why I Kasey Bugsy Mainedecided to take a brief sabbatical from patient care? Some may think this is a strange topic? Others may wonder why I would take sabbatical from a thriving and successful patient following in Los Angeles? I could see both of their perspectives but I took a step back and thought about it, and I decided that there could be some value in my story that maybe could help others if, and when, they come to a cross roads in life.
Life is complicated. That’s an understatement.
Sometimes life gets ahead of you and you find yourself stretched in too many directions. Don’t feel bad, it happens to everyone. The question becomes, how do you handle it? Do you let life pull you in multiple directions at the risk of becoming exhausted? Do you let life pull you in multiple directions at the cost of relationships with loved ones? Do you let life pull you in multiple directions at the cost of your own physical or mental health? Do you let life pull you in multiple directions at the cost of your happiness? Do you let life pull you in multiple directions at the risk of regrets down the road?
I believe that my passion and purpose is to lift up those who are around me and leave the people I touch in a better state after my encounter. I believe that everyone has a chemistry and energy that is contagious to others. I channel this in all that I do. I can be tough on others at times, and light hearted at times, but no matter what I want to make an impact in everything that I do.
In my opinion, patient care is a unique opportunity to not only help care for someone else’s wellbeing but to also be a bright spot in their day. It is an opportunity to help people feel better inside and out. It is an opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life beyond simply writing them an Rx. Perhaps I am “old school”, but I believe in getting to know my patients on a semi personal level because knowing what makes them tick helps to make me a better provider of their care and helps me have more of an impact on their overall wellbeing. And, every day I feel grateful that my profession fulfills my true life passion!
Recently I have had an extraordinary amount on my “life’s plate” and it has temporarily made my energy splinter in multiple directions. I recognize this and realize that this is not fair to my patients, not fair to my business partners, not fair to my husband, not fair to my friends and family, and not fair to any of my loved ones. You all deserve more from me. You deserve for me to be the bright spot in your day. You deserve to feel empowered by me. You deserve to be fueled by my energy. You deserve me at 110%.
It is for this reason that I decided to take a brief sabbatical, a.k.a extended vacation, from patient care. I am going to re-charge my batteries and bring myself back to my peak state so that I can pass my energy on to you.

To answer the question so many have asked me in recent weeks, I am NOT retiring. I am NOT permanently moving. I WILL continue with patient care in Los Angeles and Chicago both. I WILL become the most successful Entrepreneur Dermatology PA in the history of the profession. I WILL motivate and inspire through consulting, coaching, and educating. Quite frankly, I can’t wait to do all of it! But, I know that I need time to take a quick breath before I dive back in. I feel so fortunate to have multiple passions in life and to be so excited at the prospect to tackle whatever life throws my way.

For the next few weeks, I am going to recharge, spend some quality time with my husband and dog, spend some quality time with my family on the east coast and my aging 92 year old grandmother, meditate and exercise, and study. I plan to surround myself with likeminded successful driven people. I plan to focus with a capital F. And then…watch out…because in a month or so I will be back in the bi-city saddle with a vengeance! My locations and schedules may be new and I may be a new and improved version of me but my ultimate goal will be the same; to share my energy with you, uplift you, and help you find your passion, find your inner energy, and help you get in your peak state too! Stay tuned for my adventures over the next few weeks and to be the first to know about my return to bi-city life by following me on FB or Instagram !
As always, I am available for questions, thoughts, or suggestions anytime by email


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