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Cheers from Life on Sabbatical!

Cheers from Life on Sabbatical!

Here I am. Second official week of my sabbatical writing a blog intended to supply information to people/patients about skin care and life pearls only to explain why I Kasey Bugsy Mainedecided to take a brief sabbatical from patient care? Some may think this is a strange topic? Others may wonder why I would take sabbatical from a thriving and successful patient following in Los Angeles? I could see both of their perspectives but I took a step back and thought about it, and I decided that there could be some value in my story that maybe could help others if, and when, they come to a cross roads in life.
Life is complicated. That’s an understatement.
Sometimes life gets ahead of you and you find yourself stretched in too many directions. Don’t feel bad, it happens to everyone. The question becomes, how do you handle it? Do you let life pull you in multiple directions at the risk of becoming exhausted? Do you let life pull you in multiple directions at the cost of relationships with loved ones? Do you let life pull you in multiple directions at the cost of your own physical or mental health? Do you let life pull you in multiple directions at the cost of your happiness? Do you let life pull you in multiple directions at the risk of regrets down the road?
I believe that my passion and purpose is to lift up those who are around me and leave the people I touch in a better state after my encounter. I believe that everyone has a chemistry and energy that is contagious to others. I channel this in all that I do. I can be tough on others at times, and light hearted at times, but no matter what I want to make an impact in everything that I do.
In my opinion, patient care is a unique opportunity to not only help care for someone else’s wellbeing but to also be a bright spot in their day. It is an opportunity to help people feel better inside and out. It is an opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life beyond simply writing them an Rx. Perhaps I am “old school”, but I believe in getting to know my patients on a semi personal level because knowing what makes them tick helps to make me a better provider of their care and helps me have more of an impact on their overall wellbeing. And, every day I feel grateful that my profession fulfills my true life passion!
Recently I have had an extraordinary amount on my “life’s plate” and it has temporarily made my energy splinter in multiple directions. I recognize this and realize that this is not fair to my patients, not fair to my business partners, not fair to my husband, not fair to my friends and family, and not fair to any of my loved ones. You all deserve more from me. You deserve for me to be the bright spot in your day. You deserve to feel empowered by me. You deserve to be fueled by my energy. You deserve me at 110%.
It is for this reason that I decided to take a brief sabbatical, a.k.a extended vacation, from patient care. I am going to re-charge my batteries and bring myself back to my peak state so that I can pass my energy on to you.

To answer the question so many have asked me in recent weeks, I am NOT retiring. I am NOT permanently moving. I WILL continue with patient care in Los Angeles and Chicago both. I WILL become the most successful Entrepreneur Dermatology PA in the history of the profession. I WILL motivate and inspire through consulting, coaching, and educating. Quite frankly, I can’t wait to do all of it! But, I know that I need time to take a quick breath before I dive back in. I feel so fortunate to have multiple passions in life and to be so excited at the prospect to tackle whatever life throws my way.

For the next few weeks, I am going to recharge, spend some quality time with my husband and dog, spend some quality time with my family on the east coast and my aging 92 year old grandmother, meditate and exercise, and study. I plan to surround myself with likeminded successful driven people. I plan to focus with a capital F. And then…watch out…because in a month or so I will be back in the bi-city saddle with a vengeance! My locations and schedules may be new and I may be a new and improved version of me but my ultimate goal will be the same; to share my energy with you, uplift you, and help you find your passion, find your inner energy, and help you get in your peak state too! Stay tuned for my adventures over the next few weeks and to be the first to know about my return to bi-city life by following me on FB or Instagram !
As always, I am available for questions, thoughts, or suggestions anytime by email


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5 thoughts on “Cheers from Life on Sabbatical!”

  1. Kasey, Very happy for you on this time of relaxation, reflection and gratitude. We all need some of this time in our lives to recharge our batteries, to then re-enter the workplace with new-found spirit and energy. Have missed seeing you but will hopefully see you in the near future in Santa Monica! Eva Yamamoto

  2. Delighted to read this!. Cancelling my interview appt with a new Derm here in Valencia! Valencia is a nice place to practice Kasey!! 🙂

  3. Kasey,

    I have before and even more so now feel you are kind, thoughtful and COURAGEOUS! Your VALUE is your TIME and how you choose to use it for your self-growth and for the assisting of others.

    I’m glad our paths crossed!

    Be well,

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