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Is This A Mid Life Crisis?

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Well maybe it’s not a mid life crisis for me, but my blog page certainly got a recent extreme makeover! Everyone goes through stages in their life and my blog page needed to catch up to my current life and interests!  I spent the last couple of weeks combing through the new wordpress templates and trying my best at amateur web design-don’t worry I won’t quit my day job (s)!  I realized at the ripe age of 42 that I have much more to share than skin and dermatology and aesthetic advice alone and I felt the urge to write again so I decided to reincarnate my blog with a new theme ” THEGOALMOTHER”! While I love the part of my life that revolves around aesthetic medicine and I so enjoy spending time with my patients, I have so much more in my life now and I want to share it with the world!

I have so many stories of trials and tribulations of entrepreneur start up successes (and failures), career advice and negotiation pearls, and I especially want to share some of my experiences in personal finance and real estate investing. So many people are afraid to talk about topics like career advancement, negotiations, and finance when it isn’t their area of career focus but I want to break it all down for the next generation and share things that I would have been thrilled to know as my younger self. These topics don’t have to be scary or intimidating or taboo. And for goodness sakes ladies, it’s about time that women become more comfortable learning and discussing the power of negotiation and importance of personal finance!

I hope that you will come along and join me on my journey as I continue to grow as an aesthetic expert, start up entrepreneur, career consultant, real estate investor, wife and traveler! I will be sharing tips and tricks for all of these topics in the coming weeks on this new “GOALMOTHER” blog and on my Instagram @kaseydamato and on my Facebook pages.

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