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3 Ways to Know If You Are Where You Should Be?

The seasons are starting to change which always is a good reminder to check in with yourself and see if you are on track with your life and where you should be! 

All of us have a set of expectations for ourselves. Someplace that we THINK we should be, or something that we THINK we should be doing. If you are like me, you set your expectations for yourself very high, higher than anyone else could set for you. You probably feel like you are never quite where you think you should be and are always reaching for that next level. Don’t get me wrong I love a good competitive hustle and I think that striving for more is a great way to keep yourself motivated to get past obstacles but sometimes its good to check in with yourself and make sure that you are truly on the right track.

In my life experience, there have been 3 things that I have recognized as a pattern of negative thoughts that weigh me down and hold me back from making progress.  I have learned over the years that if these 3 things are on the right track than my life is on track!

  1. Wake up energized to dive into the day! When things are in alignment and on track, no matter what curve balls come my way, I am ready to swing at every one of them and I am determined to get on base. I know that things are on track when I am super charged about my projects, my team, and my environment and I am ready to take on the world! If there is something out of alignment with my workflow, like a team member with a poor attitude, or a project that is occupying too much time that has little reward, I have learned how to recognize and pivot quickly because a negative cycle can quickly spiral into a pattern of stagnant energy and stalled momentum.
  • 2. Time and money are not the #1 concerns.  I have learned that focusing on either of these (or lack of either of them) is usually a distraction for another underlying issue. These 2 issues are the top concerns for so many people, and they were for me too, but we all have the same 24 hours in a day. How is it that top performing CEOs can accomplish so much when they have the same minutes in their day as me and you?  Over the years I have learned skills and tools to realize that there is always an underlying issue that can be addressed to minimize the stress related to time or money.  Don’t get me wrong there are times that one or the other will cause me some stress, but now I have the tools to quickly get to the root of the problem and put these issues on the back burner.
  • 3. I don’t blame anyone else for my current circumstance.  There was a period in my life that I was very frustrated and lived my life with a massive amount of anger. I would wake up angry, complain to whoever would listen, and go to bed angry. I tried to change and control the situation and I was not able to successfully change it, so I woke up one day and said it is time to make a massive change in my own life. Since that day, 5 years ago, I have never been happier and I don’t waste unnecessary energy placing blame on anyone else for my life.   If I find myself slipping back into the “blame game” I quickly catch myself and correct my mindset.  I am no longer afraid of making massive change in my life because I experienced firsthand that making massive change leads to a much more fulfilled and happy life!

I promise you that you are where you should be today but what about tomorrow? Will you wake up super charged to jump into your day? Will you make the necessary changes in your life to ensure that you don’t worry about time or money? And are you taking accountability for your life or placing blame on others for your unhappiness? I challenge you to do some self-reflecting as the seasons change and get a jump start on your new year’s resolutions before the end of the year.

Stay tuned to for more tools coming soon to help keep your life on track!



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