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Is Your Career (and Life) on Track for Success?

You might be reading this and thinking this is a loaded question…it kind of is. The reason that this is a loaded question is because everyone’s definition of success is different. What is success for you? Is the definition of success for you related to: Money? Time? Work/Life Balance? College Degrees? Certifications? Leadership roles like public speaking? Or authoring articles or books? Is success related to your legacy? How you raise your kids? Or the impact that you leave on your profession when you finally retire? What is success to you? What does a successful lifestyle look like to you? And more importantly, what are you doing today to get closer to that beautiful successful lifestyle and state of mind?


Most people are cruising through life on auto pilot, surviving the day, week, or month. Most people don’t have specific goals for their life and then look back 10 years in the future and wonder where their life went and why other people became more “successful” than them and feel bitter at the “wealthy” population or jealous of their childless friends, or bored and frustrated with their career trajectory or the passion in their marriage, or both.

I have had the opportunity to serve my patients as a Dermatology PA since 2003 and I saw all of the emotional patterns time and time again and I worked hard to help people feel better and more confident from the outside inwards which helped people feel better (at least temporarily) about their life. Making people feel better and truly change their emotional state is what I am most passionate about in life and is connected to every aspect my own career path and journey as a PA and in my entrepreneur ventures. It is my mission to elevate others who I encounter.

I am excited to announce that I have elevated my own education and skills and in 2021 I am venturing into entirely new career journey, a journey where I can help people from the inside out rather than the outside in, a journey where we can celebrate the “wins” together, a journey where we can overcome the obstacles in strategic ways together, a journey that leads to maximum career and life success, a journey that brings a bright light and extra energy into other peoples lives as well as my own.

Recognizing patterns of human behavior and emotions over the past 20 years combined with my life and career coaching training from some of the top career coaches in the world, like Tony Robbins and Cloe Maddaness, combined with my own career journey thru career transitions, business start ups, and over a decade of negotiation and career coaching to medical professionals has proven to be a perfect combination to allow me to propel others to reach their own personal success! I can’t express how amazing it is to work with a client who has a breakthrough in only 2-3 sessions or to work with a client who is trepidatious about their start up business concept only to see it take off in a matter of a few sessions working together. I am beyond excited to offer career, life and business coaching to anyone seeking to accelerate their life. If you feel insecure about: salary negotiating, resolving workplace conflict, beginning to plan your career exit and transition plan, starting a business, getting control of your personal budget or getting control of your time and overflowing responsibilities, I can help you. I would be honored to be a part of your journey and celebrate your “new” life with you after we build it step by step at your pace. If working with an experienced coach is something you are ready for, please check out my services page and let’s get your life to the next level! If working with a coach is not something that you are ready for but you could use some help, please feel free to take advantage of my FREE 5 Day Challenge to “Get Control of Your Life” may 3-7 2021! Registration links below, hope to see you there!

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