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To be honest this is my #1 passion. I LOVE serving my community and providing tools and strategies to help others advance their career and life!

So many people get caught in the minutia of daily life that they forget to set short term or long term goals. They get caught in day to day frustrations and side down a slippery slope of self propelling negativity, stress, overwhelm and hopelessness.

Life’s too short people! You control your situation and you DO have the control to make a change.

Are you burnt out? Are you exhausted and setting goals is too much to think about? Are you unhappy at work but feel like there’s nothing you can do to change things? Or are you afraid to discuss money? Or confused about how to understand and negotiate contract terms? Or confused how to advance your career without being overly aggressive? Or worse yet, do you feel trapped and like you have no choices and no control over anything at all in your life?

  I launched a consulting company for Dermatologists and Dermatology P.A.s. in 2009, Certified Physician Assistant Consulting, to help align the vision of the physician and the PA to maximize a successful working relationship and maximize the potential benefit to the business and I became the national expert on the topic of PA salaries, career coaching, and conflict resolutions. Recently I added life coaching certification program to my skill set to be able to serve people even more effectively.

I now realize that the same struggles, frustrations, and conflicts that have faced PAs in the workplace over the last decade also resonate with other professionals who work outside of medicine. So many people are intimidated to negotiate, don’t feel fulfilled, are tormented by internal conflict or external stressors and feel “stuck”.

I am here to tell you that there is always a way out. You are not stuck. Today I coach all levels of professionals, to help them overcome fear, frustration, anger, hopelessness and help them set clear career and life goals that position them for a lifetime of fulfillment and success.

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