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How did I become a national expert in the area of career advancement and job satisfaction?

Here’s the real truth…

Living in Los Angeles comes with an inherent “keeping up with the Jones” mentality. Everyone lives a bit beyond their means (with real estate averaging over $500 sq ft in many areas its hard not to) and most of the economy (myself included) relies on the TV and Movie industry. So when the Hollywood writers strike occurred almost simultaneously with the national housing crash in 2008 we had to think quick. With over $1M in personal property that was upside down and expenses too high for only one income (mine), I had to react and this was when my first entrepreneur vision was born.

Thinking as quick as I could and using the business skills that I had learned outside of medicine from my employer (who was a VERY successful business man) I launched a consulting company for Dermatologists and Dermatology P.A.s., Certified Physician Assistant Consulting to help align the vision of the physician and the PA to maximize a successful working relationship. Because of my unique background as both a PA and practice administrator, I quickly became one of national experts in the area of PA compensation, contracts, litigation, and general medical business conflict resolution.

It was so amazing and rewarding to be able to help patients during the day and help my profession in the evenings and weekends-and as an entrepreneur the launch of this company is when I learned what it is like to really like to have a  “side hustle”.

Today I am fortunate to be able to help others in my industry and beyond and I have to say that this is almost as rewarding as patient care! It feels so amazing to have literally 100s of PAs credit me with their overall career satisfaction!

Over the years, I have recognized common patterns over and I now realize that the same struggles, frustrations, and conflicts that have faced PAs  in the workplace also resonate with others who work outside of medicine.

I am excited to announce that in 2019 I am making an commitment with this blog to serve more people and bring more skills, tips, and tricks to anyone who wants to advance their career and have greater overall job satisfaction!

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