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Airelle Skin was developed as a result of many years of patients, friends, and colleagues asking me what I recommended for a quality natural skin care product along with my love for a complete healthy lifestyle. After my undergrad and medical training, I completed a cosmetic chemistry course at UCLA to refine my knowledge base of the various skin care ingredients used in beauty and cosmeceutical products. I have always attended the most well respected dermatology conferences to find out what was new in skin care, and I would share all of my new “pearls” with my patients when I returned home. Over the years, the category of antioxidants became very intriguing to me. I have long understood that antioxidants help fight free radicals, both inside and out, but I wondered if the current antioxidants used in skin care were actually doing enough to help protect the skin from wrinkle formation? I began to do more research and realized that certain antioxidants are actually capable of helping to prevent collagen breakdown from UV and Infrared environmental radiation. Most people don’t realize that Infrared radiation accounts for more than 30% of environmental radiation and penetrates deeper into the skin than UV radiation. This revelation meant that the right combination of antioxidants could actually help prevent wrinkle formation!

I decided to contact my trusted friend and dermatology PA colleague, Katherine Wilkens PA-C and Katherine and I put our heads together and after a few years of research, we found the perfect balance of high performance ingredients that were natural and would provide protection from collagen breakdown from Infrared radiation. We combined rich antioxidants, such as Airelle’s proprietary Berrimatrix made from the blueberry plant, along with other powerhouse ingredients like Hyaluronic acid and a naturally derived peptide to ensure highly efficacious results. I personally hand selected each ingredient and I truly consider Airelle to be the most powerful natural anti-aging product line on the market today. It is so exciting that we were able to accomplish our goal without using any parabens, fragrances, or sulfates! And no animal testing!

I am so proud of the Airelle skin care line. It has even been used on TV shows such as “Dancing with the Stars”, “American Idol”, “The Voice” and many more! It is a great compliment to many cosmetic procedures and it is fantastic as an anti-aging makeup primer. It is so exciting to be a part of this new innovative product line. Check out the results!

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