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Are you health conscious and confused and overwhelmed by the skin care choices on the market today?…I totally get it!

Are you a skeptic of skin care marketing claims?…I get that too!

The Story…

My passion, knowledge, and need to educate the consumer was the inspiration…

As a Dermatology PA in Los Angeles for over 15 years, my patients were constantly asking me about natural skincare. They wanted my recommendations for products they could feel good about using on their skin. Unfortunately natural skincare available in the marketplace is not as effective as physician dispensed and is not usually developed based on medical grade research.

In 2013, for a lot of reasons that I will spare you from in this forum, my husband and I decided to tackle our second business venture and we launched the first natural and physician supported skin care, Airelle Skin, LLC. The economy was strong and we knew from both of our professional careers that people heavily value healthy natural skin care but want something with real physician quality research and nothing existed in the market place.

One night we looked at each other in our kitchen and right away we knew from the look in each others eyes that we knew we could do it and we were going for it!

Starting any company is a massive undertaking but skin care required formulas, research, packaging, and it felt like our house in Calabasas, CA was turned into a factory over night. We recruited friends and family to work with us and this venture quickly took over our lives!  It was a crazy and wild time…exciting, overwhelming, all of the above. Then, like a ton of bricks hitting us in the face, we came to the realization that the company needed money to survive. A lot of money. We invested our entire life savings and an equity line and credit cards but that wasn’t enough. We needed investors and needed them fast. We embarked on a crash course in crowdfunding and started to get resourceful. Fast forward 5 years and well over $1M raised later, Airelle Skin is on it’s way to becoming the next major industry trendsetter!

Airelle Skin is still in start up stages and fighting to get more awareness in a competitive market everyday but I am  proud  to announce that that Airelle is currently dispensed in dozens of dermatologist’s offices throughout the United States and has 5 star ratings on Amazon! Since its creation, I have not wavered from my mission; to create a brand that combines natural ingredients with real physician peer reviewed science-based research. Educating and demystifying the skincare journey is my mission!

Start up life has more challenges than can ever possibly be anticipated. The secret to survival is 80% mindset and 20% determination!

Do you have an idea for a start up? Get out there and test the waters! Don’t be afraid to test and fail and learn and grow! That’s the normal process for most entrepreneurs. Don’t over think it, just get out there and crush it!

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