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Ok… so I admit it, this one happened by accident…but it was the best “accident ever”!

6 years ago I did not know the difference between “active” and “passive” income and knew very little about real estate outside of the 4 personal real estate transactions we had done for our own home.

Here’s how it all started…My husband and I decided to temporarily rent out our house in Los Angeles and “downsize” to a condo to lighten the financial burden while I scaled back on my “day job” to ramp up my start up businesses. We completely restructured our personal budget for one year to allow me the time needed to focus and needed to free up some necessary cash.  It was “massive action” for sure  but  we knew that’s what it would take for us to get the start companies off the ground and to feel financial secure at the same time so we packed up everything and moved to the next town while we rented our our home in Calabasas, CA.

After a year we decided that we actually liked the downsized lifestyle and ended up selling the “big house” in L.A and traded it for a handful of other income generating smaller properties all over the country which ended up being a HUGE blessing in disguise!  We learned quickly how to evaluate ROI, find the most reliable on site management (lord knows we don’t have time to answer tenant phone calls),  how to deal with vacancies, deal with maintenance issues, evaluate ” cash flow” vs “equity” property opportunities, get creative with financing, structure partnership investments, and so much more.

We had a crash course in real estate investing and we had to figure it out quickly.  It wasn’t all smooth sailing, in fact we lost a lot of money on one real estate transaction, but over all we could not be more excited about the benefits of real estate.

While real estate might have seemed like an “accident” at first, real estate investing has become an “intentional” focus for me in addition to the success of my start up companies and the success of my clients along their individual paths to success! When I am not on the phone coaching clients on how to elevate their careers and lives or speaking at a conference or a group video program, I am scrolling images and links to properties that are for sale, looking at market trends, evaluating population movement, researching rental market comps, and constantly calculating ROI on various investment opportunities. It

I LOVE sharing this story because it is a perfect example of that life happens FOR you and not TO you! Downsizing to a smaller home and moving around a lot could have been perceived as a negative thing for many people but it turned out to be an opportunity in disguise for me. An opportunity that has helped fuel mine and my husbands life towards our long term goals of bicoastal living, frequent traveling, healthy work/life balance, and lots more time for family and friends.

Are you someone who is struggling with the pressure of everyday life? Or perhaps you are feeling down about certain aspects of your personal life or your career? Is there a way that you could perceive what is going on in your life as an opportunity for something bigger and better and not as a negative? I promise that if you think about your life with a new perspective you will realize that there are “clues” that life is secretly presenting opportunities where you see struggles and whether you realize it or not, life is leaving clues that can guide you to where you are supposed to be and where you truly want to be.

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