Negotiation Ninja


I don’t know about you but I LOVE a good negotiation! Whether it is something fun like buying a car or something with high stakes like negotiating with a major investor. I love being perceived as the underdog and then coming up with creative solutions that allow for a win-win solution beyond anyone’s imagination!

So many people are intimidated by the negotiation process but it’s all about listening to the other person and understanding what they want and positioning yourself in a way that will satisfy their needs before your own. The secret is always being able to bring something so valuable to the table that you become irresistible to the other party and then the rest falls into place.

Everyday we are all faced with small and large negotiations and difficult conversations. Kids, bosses, in-laws, colleagues, business partners….almost every conversation in life is a negotiation. Don’t get me wrong, I feel the increased heart rate, and sometimes the sweat roll down my back when the stakes of the conversation are high but there is nothing like the feeling at the end of a difficult conversation when you know you nailed it and you secured the win-win result that propels both parties to maximum success!

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