“I want to thank Kasey for everything she’s helped me with and what an inspiration she has been to me my whole career. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her advice and guidance and I am truly thankful to her for that.” Erin J., PA-C

“The life coaching sessions were extremely helpful with Kasey. I felt very overwhelmed and unsure of things when I first started, but now feel I am able to tackle the challenges that come with my job. I also feel I have a better mind set and ways to be positive in life. I can’t thank her enough!” Shelby P., PA-C

“I highly recommend working with Kasey D’Amato! Worth every penny! I would register to do a private consult with her. She can really help you see things more clearly, matter-of-factly.” -Lisa PA-C

“I reached out to Kasey for business consulting as my new business started to take shape and really grow. I was really excited about the trajectory and potential of my business but simultaneously overwhelmed with juggling my academic position, my family and self-care. Kasey really helped me clarify my overall goals and helped me craft a plan for all areas of my life that supported them. Once I felt like I could breathe and think again, we got down to the specific questions I had about my business.“

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