Elevating Life Experiences For High Performance Professionals Using Mindset Shifts and Lifestyle Systems

Life can change in an instant if you truly want it to, all it comes down to is making the decision to make a change.  Business, Career, Money, Time, Relationships, Health; literally every aspect of life is a direct result of clarity, intention, and your own definition of success. So why is it that there are times in life that even the most successful people think to themselves, “I am not sure if I am on the right path. I think I need to make a change, but in what area of life? and how can I make sure that I make the right change?”

Growing up in the small town of Freeport Maine prepared me for a lot, my parents raised me to be a strong student and a productive member of society.  But I had to figure out for myself how to succeed as an elite Dermatology PA in Los Angeles, how to satisfy my high-profile celebrity patient population who have very unique concerns and needs.  I had to figure out how to rise to the top in my industry, how to become a recognized published author on the topic of medical business & medical professional negotiations, and entrepreneurship.  I had to figure out how to raise well over seven figures for my own start up global skin care business, all while juggling the ups and downs of my marriage, ups and downs of financial investments, navigating the complex world of real estate investing, and keeping my own social anxiety, panic attacks, and insecurities in check. 

After 18 years of high pressure, I hit a crossroads in almost all aspects of life, I was anxious, overwhelmed, and irritable, and despite success in many areas of my life, and my amazingly supportive husband, I felt like I was numb and electric at the same time. Not sure where to spend my energy or even where I would muster up the energy to spend. I had lost my way, lost clarity on my life vision, and felt like I was slowly drowning. I was becoming physically ill and had definitely mastered the skill of alienating friends and family.  I didn’t like what I was experiencing, and I knew in order for my life to change I had to change. 

Like many medical professionals, I was skeptical about mindset hacks, goal setting exercises, and life coaches but in 2018 I hit a major wall with my clinical career when my practice was sold. That was when I took my first sabbatical from medicine. This was traumatic for me as I was very emotionally invested in my patients and very close to my first boss who taught me a lot about what I know about business today.  But I took a leap of faith and dove headfirst into all of the mindset gurus, seminars, courses, and books that I could get my hands on. I am so glad I did because honestly, I didn’t realize my true long-term goals. I didn’t realize the regrets I would have if I stayed in Los Angeles forever, or if I continued to try and “take on the world” without putting myself first. Using new tools, processes, and strategies my mindset started to change. It didn’t happen overnight but slowly my stress, overwhelm, loneliness, and numbness, transitioned to appreciation, clarity, abundance, and fulfillment. What did I do differently? I established new habits, used new tools, started with the end in mind, set measure-able micro goals in all aspects of life (career, finance, relationship, time, health, contribution) and created micro steps that led to massive change. Once I felt like I could breathe again and realized how invigorated I felt, I immediately wanted to pay it forward. I took it a step further and actually got certified as a Life Coach and started officially working with executive life coaching clients in late 2020.  I knew that if I could manage to get control of my mindset, cut my losses both financially and emotionally, and pivot to get back on a path to ultimately reach my goals, some of which included: relocating back to the East Coast, having 2 homes in my favorite places near family (Coastal Maine and South Florida), being able to spend more quality time with my husband and pooch, being able to travel the globe with large blocks of time, contributing more as a mentor, coach, and investor, all while building more than a 7 figure personal net worth by mid 40s. If I could do all of that in a relatively short period of time, then I knew I MUST help others do the same!  

I have learned, and I have grown. I accept my life for what it is. I am grateful for the wins, and I welcome the learning experiences from the losses. It has all brought me to where I am today. It has certainly made me realize that life is definitely happening “for me” and not “to me”.

Now, I choose to help others.  My mission is to help other CEOs, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Sales Teams, Medical Professionals, and other Over Achievers who appear to have it all, but on the inside, they might be feeling that sense of “numb electricity” that I felt.  Maybe they are at a business or career crossroads, or maybe their relationships, family, or personal mind-body health are taking a back seat to their focus on business or career, or maybe they are at a point in their business or life where they have to make some hard decisions. I was there once too.  It is my mission to be an escape from the pressure, to be a safe accountability partner, to be an experienced sounding board, and to help others along their own path to their own destination.

I feel like my eyes have been opened to what truly separates the “best from the rest” and it is my passion and mission to pay it forward.   

Kasey’s Formula for Success and Fulfillment


A few simple Mindset shifts

+A few simple Energy shifts

+A few simple Decisions

+A few simple End targets 

+A few measurable Micro (or massive) actions

= 100% Clarity and Elevated Life!

It’s so easy once you get it. 

“Working with Kasey has been both therapeutic and instructive.  Besides her expertise, her enthusiasm and kindness of spirit are a joy to be around.” Anne F. 

And, last but not least, it is my mission to have fun and entertain by sharing my own personal stories and experiences on my blog page on this site :). Subscribe to my blog newsletter (at the bottom of this page) or connect with me on social media to follow along with my personal journey! 

My husband Steve, and our American Bulldog Bugsy, chillin in Miami near our FL home. 🙂


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