I am commited to the next generation of self made bosses. REAL LIFE education. PROPELLING career paths. ADVANCING start up business. DEMYSTIFYING personal finances. ELEVATING marriage and life experiences to unimaginable levels and most importantly incorporating FUN in every aspect of life! Do you know how exhilerating it can be to finally take charge of your mindset and become the Goalmother or Goalfather of your life? Follow along and find out! "Great People Are Not Born Great, They Grow Great!" -Don Vito Corleone

My Story…It’s an Epic…

I am a small town girl from Freeport Maine. Raised in a upper middle class family and taught to get good grades, go to college, get a good job (working for someone else) and save for retirement…

Good Grades? Graduated high school with 4.0 in all honors classes-CHECK

Go to College? Graduated with Health Science Pre-Med Degree from University of Miami in 3.5 years-CHECK

Get a good job? After grad school at USC Keck School of Medicine, I landed a job with the top private practice Dermatology Group in Los Angeles-CHECK

Was I supposed to accept that I completed my life’s goals before the age of 25? This is it? Just keep my head down and work for someone else while saving for my retirement for the next 40 years? I had that feeling inside my gut that many of you reading this blog have right now…an inner gnawing at my core…there is no way that I accomplished all of my career goals by the age of 25. There must be another chapter…

Fast forward 15 years, I still love my initial career as a Dermatology P.A. but now I balance my love for my patients along with owning 2 companies (a skin care company and a consulting company), my ever increasing real estate portfolio (tripling it every 3-4 years), I am recognized expert national speaker (speaking all over the country on life running a start up company, salary negotiations, in office mediations, and overall career advancement and satisfaction as well as speaking on the latest skin care trends).  I get to call 3 amazing states “home” which allows me to be physically in person at Wrigley Field to cheer for the Chicago Cubs during the playoffs, to root for the U of Miami Hurricanes during pre-season games, and dress up to congratulate my celebrity friends on the Hollywood red carpet during award season!  I frequently travel the world with my husband (and sometimes I even get to take my 100lb bulldog along for the ride).

Seems like a great life right? I won’t lie. Most days (not all) are pretty amazing! Since my husband and I made the personal decision at age 30 not to have kids, we recently made a commitment at age 40 that we will teach the next generation how to recognize their potential, set achievable goals, overcome limiting beliefs, let go of fear of the uncertain, become confident decision makers and negotiators, and take massive action to guarantee that their life experience will elevate to something they could never have imagined!

Secret Tip: College didn’t matter as much as I thought for this journey. Whether you realize it or not, you have the ability at any stage in life, college or not, to become the next self made boss! The recipe is 80% psychology and 20% determination. You have the ability to be the Goalmother or Goalfather of your destiny right now!

Secret Confession: Okay, so it wasn’t all peaches and cream and an easy road. I overcame debilitating anxiety and panic attacks in college that landed me in the E.R. most Saturday nights instead of out on the town and I overcame 2 years of chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia symptoms in my late 20s that had me almost bedridden for 2 years. Much of my career has been hugely successful but I have to hustle every day for my start up company and some days the stress and obstacles are so intense I don’t even want to get out of bed! Yup, I am human…and guess what? So are you! I work everyday to overcome anxiety, frustrations, and fears and 99% of the days I win the battle and you can too!

I invite you to step up your game, learn from my successes (and failures), and become the leader of next generation of self made bosses!

“I learned more in the streets than I did in any classroom” -Don Vito Corleone

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