Elevating Life Experiences For High Performance Professionals Using Mindset Shifts and Lifestyle Systems


Life can change in an instant if you want it to. Are you ready to level up your life?  More money, more time, better relationships, more success, more clarity on how to achieve fulfillment in life? I get it, we all have those moments in life when we say to ourselves, “I think I need to make a change, but how?”

Growing up in the small town of Freeport Maine prepared me for a lot, but I had to figure out for myself how to succeed as an elite Dermatology PA in Los Angeles, how to satisfy my high profile celebrity patient population who have very unique concerns and needs.  I had to figure out how to rise to the top in my industry as a Dermatology PA, how to become a recognized published author on the topic of medical business & medical professional negotiations, and entrepreneurship.  I had to figure out how to raise over $2 million dollars for my own start up global skin care business, all while juggling the ups and downs of my marriage, ups and downs of  financial investments, navigating the complex world of real estate investing, and keeping my own social anxiety, panic attacks, and insecurities in check. 

A few years ago, I hit a crossroads in almost all aspects of life, I was anxious, overwhelmed, and irritable, to the point of becoming physically ill and alienating friends and family.  I knew in order for my life to change I had to change the way I was thinking and how I approached life. Like many medical professionals, I was skeptical about mindset hacks, goal setting exercises, and life coaches but in 2017 I took a leap of faith and dove head first into all of the above. I never looked back. Using new tools, processes, and strategies my life went from stress, overwhelm, and loneliness to appreciation, clarity, abundance, and fulfillment. What did I do differently? I established new habits, used new tools, started with the end in mind, set measure-able micro goals in all aspects of life (career, finance, relationship, time, health, contribution). I created tools, systems, and processes to gain clarity and a road map of small steps that led to massive life changing action. Despite some major career and business challenges,  I managed to control my mindset and pivot when necessary to achieve my goal of building a 7 figure net worth before my mid 40s. I now have more time for family, travel, and the things I love to do. While I certainly do not claim to have all of the answers, far from it, I continue to study highly successful people’s habits and outcomes.  I continue to be intrigued by the behavior patterns and habits that separate the “best from the rest”.   

If I could give my younger self one piece of advice,  I would say, “there’s a simple 4 Step formula for success:

Know your target goal +make a decision + make a few simple mindset shifts + take a few small measurable actions that lead to massive action = a changed life!

It’s so easy once you know how to customize the formula for you!

In addition to my formal medical training and business experience, I have invested close to $100k in my own personal development and formal life coaching training over the past decade. I have invested countless hours adapting and modifying processes to be easier and more useful for me. I use principles from Tony Robbins, Steven Covey, Dale Carnegie, Jack Canfield, Susan Jeffers, and many others. I continue to refine my tools, my processes, and my systems and I am committed to sharing my journey with you.

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